Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Secret

I should say that it is no secret at all, in fact, just a diversion.

In September 2007 I started a job doing Internet Marketing and during my training time I noticed an interesting pattern. My boss and the training materials were coming from a perspective of "Positive Energy" philosophy. What I notice was that in an indirect manner was this idea of "Put it out there so the Universe knows about it."

By the end of training we had to watch this movie titled "The Secret." It broke my heart just watching it because so many people have bought into this great Lie. The basic concept is this: The Universe is your genie and delivers what it is that you want, you just have to believe. It is a genie with unlimited wishes to be had and you become the creator of your own destiny as if the Universe is here to worship you, something that will exist even when you are dead and gone.

Now there are many things wrong with this idea but it thrives on you being fulfilled financially.

Now it does sound good, I can't deny it, but it is not truth.

When I was back home at my Grandmother's funeral all of this came to mind. As I looked at my family I realized that they were grieved so much because they have no hope and their pain from the death of my Grandmother had nowhere to go except deep into their souls.

Unlike my mom and me, they have to bear their burdens alone, apart from a Comforter.
Now with this Secret I realized that there is no comfort for the lose of a loved one. There is no amount of positive energy that one can put out there to change the destiny of another.

But God in His word has stated in Job 14:5 that "Mans days are determined, The number of his months is with You; And his limits You have set so that he cannot pass."

Now dealing with my grandmother's death, this brought me comfort to know that God had intended for my grandmother to die when she died and how she died. It wasn't because the Universe didn't deliver. It wasn't because I didn't believe enough, put it out there enough, or that I was positive enough. It was because God is sovereign and He is the mover and shaker, plus it wasn't contingent upon my "energy."

So what I have learned from this is that there are a multitude of lies being told to break you apart from the Living God, to get you to pursue yourself and what you think you deserve opposed to realizing that you are a desperate individual in need of desperate Grace. What it is doing is setting you up for failure, if you believe this.

Truth is something greater than what we want. Truth is objective not subjective. Truth will exist even when you won't. The sun will shine tomorrow just like it did today, yesterday and all of the time before. The wind will blow in the same manner. You don't change that, that Truth will remain. The same with God, He will be here tomorrow whether you or I will be or not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Men will murder tomorrow just like they did today, and men will help a starving child. Evil will still take place and certain people will still do good. But that doesn't change the simple fact that God controls all. Tomorrow your world could be rocked and you don't even know it.

Point: I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for a check up. I go in as an individual who is normal and I come out an Anemic. What is that? It is something that I don't have control over. Now I have to watch what I eat and eat more of what I don't like, veggies. That stinks!

But my point is this, we don't have an ounce of control over our lives like we think we do. And it doesn't matter how much positive energy you have, you will be let down by this life apart from a Hope in God, namely Jesus Christ, because he is the only one who can conquer this life, and He already has. He is the one who fulfills, but it's not like you think.

See my next post for that explaination!!!

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