Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Readest Thou?

I have been reading this short booklet from J.C. Ryle called, "How Readest Thou?" and J.C. Ryle has a gift about instilling conviction, just from telling the truth of the matter, and the Holy Spirit works in the believer to bring that conviction. I am probably half way thru it, but I love this tool God has been using to bring conviction over my sin, and bring reconciliation for that sin so that I can live whole heartedly devoted completely to Him. Something I will share from one section of the book he titles, " 6. No Book Has Been so Neglected & Misused as the Bible" and heres what broke my heart to read....
" Ah! Reader, it is a painful thought that there should be so much profession love to the Bible among us, and so little proof that the Bible is read!" ..."Truly I have cause for saying, no gift of God is so neglected as the Bible. Reader, this neglected book is the subject about which I address you this day. Surely it is no light matter what you are doing with the Bible. Surely when the plague is abroad, you should search and see whether the plague-spot is on you. I charge you, I entreat you, to give an honest answer to my question. What art thou doing with the Bible? Dost thou read it? How readest thou?"

Just think about what Ryle is talking about here. How true it is in the Christian walk of how much we can talk about God but truly how little time we spend with Him. But we are worshippers! How can this be? I pray that my heart's cry be that of Psalm 119:97 "O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day." I pray that I this be true of me, that I not make excuses, but confess before Him who knows all things, that I need Him, and need help to understand His word, to obey His word, to cling to Him in prayer, and I won't know this need unless I am growing in the knowledge of Christ, of who He is and who I am and how He saved me. I won't grow in this knowledge unless I am in His word!

Hope this also helps you to examine your walk as it did mine. Just some thoughts.

P.S. I love you, my dear sweet husband! We praise God, He answered prayer and has lifted a huge financial burden, and blessed us with a promotion at Bo's job. Your faithfulness DOES continue throughout all generations!!!! Ps.119:90 may I be ready to say this when trials come as well!

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